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High profile data breaches encourage small businesses to invest in IT Security.
IBISWorld, March 2018.


At Done Right, we specialize in IT security for small businesses with 1- 50 employees.


Business Information

What sets Done Right apart from general IT service provider?

  • We specialize in IT Security, Backup and Recovery
  • Over 25 years of hands on experience
  • Member - BNI Corridor (Internet Technology Seat)
  • Member - Canadian Association of IT Professionals since 1998
  • Member - Canadian Security Association
  • Masters Certificate in Project Management 2003
  • Certificate from MIT Sloan - IOT Business implications and Opportunities 2017

Our Partners

  • CISCO Umbrella
  • Solarwinds MSP
  • Dark Web ID

Our Secret Sauce

Identify your business connected devices and internal systems (Printers, laptops, desktops, smart things...)

Filter 100% of internet traffic between your business and the internet.

Block all harmful internet traffic before it affects your business.

Recover data and computers after a failure (natural disaster, human error, hardware failure)


Three Layers of Protection

  1. The outer blue/white ring represents the continuous change of IT technology between business systems and the internet. The fundamental layer of security we call Level 1 protection.

  2. Level 2 protection addresses the need for end-point security. We learn about your systems, we see what is normal, and we block everything that threatens your business computer systems.

  3. Level 3 protects your business systems from failure. Backup and recovery of systems and data ensure you can restore from a computer failure. 

Smart Things?

Everyday new vulnerabilities are being discovered and exploited by witty cybercriminals, specifically consumer grade electronics which are used in businesses to perform “SMART” jobs. Video surveillance cameras, fridges, washing machines, toasters, light switches, thermostats, water sensors, and music streamers to name a few. These single purpose things require internet access for the features to work with phone/tablets; they however, are unlike a traditional computer, they cannot be patched or run an antivirus program. *TECHTIP - never use a common password when connecting “smart internet things” to your business computer network!

Ø The good news - - we instantly detect and block all malicious internet communication. Level 1 security is always ON

Ø The great news - - June 2018 we filtered over 6.7 Million internet connections in June and prevented 489 malware attempts!

Ø The exceptional news – we have the capacity to filter 100 Million connections every day! 

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