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Opportunities to Network with you!

This fall we are actively involved in discussions, symposiums, and workshops.

In Alberta you'll find us here:

  • 10/28, Data Management Conference Canada, Edmonton
  • 10/18, Small Business Week, Lacombe
  • 10/17, ITech, Shaw Conference Center, Edmonton
  • 10/16, Prepare to Profit, Chamber of Commerce, Lacombe
  • 10/13, Food Bank, Lacombe
  • 10/12, Success 4 Business, All Day, Red Deer
  • 10/05, Pivottech 2017, Calgary
  • 9/27, Content Creation, Jo(e) Social Media, Lacombe
  • 9/26, ABCTech, Symposium and AI Workshop, Edmonton
  • 9/22, Rotary, AI in our Homes, Lacombe
  • 9/20, Neighbourhood Watch, Lacombe
  • 9/14, Innovate Calgary, TechStock2017, Calgary
  • 9/13, Red Deer Oil & Gas Expo, Red Deer
  • 9/13, Chamber of Commerce, Business after 5, Lacombe
  • 9/12, CIPS, DAMA Edmonton, Edmonton
  • 9/7, Chamber of Commerce, Social Media, Lacombe
  • 9/6, SMB Lacombe, Digital Branding, Lacombe

Committed to learning is one more edge we provide our customers!

Our current education enrolment: October 2017


Internet of Things: Business Implications and Opportunities

IoT online program helps identify opportunities for organization-wide coordination and guides you as you explore the implications of IoT adoption on both management and leadership.